// submit


Please submit a file in Rhino (.3DM), AutoCAD, or Illustrator in vector format to hi@unitedmake.com.

// downloads


You can download our laser cutting template. This will assist you in correct file set up. The file is a Rhino file, but you can import it into CAD, Illustrator or similar.

// materials

Our laser cutter bed can fit 1000mm x 700mm materials.

Maximum recommended material thicknesses are as follows:

Marine Plywood: 6.0 mm
Poplar Ply: 18.0 mm
Perspex/ Acrylic: 6.0 mm
MDF: 9.0 mm
Polypropylene: 1.0mm
Card: 6.0mm

Students will need to drop off your own materials for laser cutting.

We do not cut vinyl and other toxic materials. If you are unsure, please forward the Material Data Sheet to hi@unitedmake.com

// things to note


Please leave a minimum 8mm border for your materials if you are laser cutting.

Our bed grid is 10x10mm – any pieces smaller than this will likely fall through when they are cut. We recommend that you leave a small gap that is uncut so that we can also avoid taping (this is especially the case with cardboards, as the tape will remove the surface of the card), and you remove the last part with a knife. Otherwise, we would recommend you bring a polypropelene sheet to act as a tray for your cardboard and so the tiny pieces do not fall through.

// pricing


$25.00 Processing Fee (Regular) required for each file.*
$5.00 Processing Fee (Student ) required for each file.*

$1.75/min Laser Cutting Rate^

^ Minimum fee of $50.00 per cut excluding package jobs.

// lead times


Lasercut job have a standard turnaround time of 3 Business Days.

For jobs requiring 24 hour (Business Days) delivery, an additional rush fee of 25% of the cutting time will be charged.*

Same Day Delivery is also available at an additional fee of 50%.*

*Services subject to availability.

// weekend jobs


Jobs that require a 24 hour delivery over the weekend need to be organised in advance. They have a minimum fee of $150.00 inc GST, as we will need to organise staff especially to come in over the weekend to complete your job.

No packages can be applied for weekend jobs.

Rates are calculated at standard pricing + rush fee for weekend jobs.

// packages


We offer Laser cutting and 3D printing packages for students and industry with significant discounts.

Student’s Package
[Eqv. 1 Hour of Laser Cutting] $95.00 with up to 6 months Expiry ($10 Saving)^
Only available for current students.

Tester’s Package
[Eqv. 3 Hours of Laser Cutting]
$290.00 with 3 month Expiry ($25 Saving)

Explorer’s Package
[Eqv. 5 Hours of Laser cutting]
$450.00 with 6 month Expiry ($75 Saving)

Crafter’s Package
[Eqv. 10 Hours of Laser Cutting]
$815.00 with 9 month Expiry ($235 Saving)

Maker’s Package
[Eqv. 20 Hours of Laser Cutting] $1490.00 with 12 month Expiry ($610 Saving)

*All prices are inclusive of GST.
^Student Packages are reset in December and January to coincide with University Semester timetables.

Equivalent processing fees are calculated in minutes and subtracted from your package.

Please note that rush fees still apply to package jobs at the standard rate (25% of standard minute cut rate).

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