The Youtube Mural was completed for the new Google Asia Pacific HQ in Singapore.  Video and Photography by Steven Le Photography.

Over 30 computers, a large amount of mobile phones, hard drives, graphic cards, CD players, monitors, old-school radios, webcams and MP3 players were sourced to make our Youtube mural come together.

The interactive artwork is a little intricate city that is comprised of discarded E-waste: hardware chips and elements- all parts that we need to view Youtube (and once were). The pieces used have passed through thousands of hands- from the people who originally designed them, fabricated them, and sent them down under – and have had plenty of use and spent hours streaming videos, whirring away before they ended up in our studio… and being dipped in paint.

Welcome to the city behind the screen.

UDMK Team:
Mond Qu
Jannette Le
Seung Hyuk Choi
Michael Mack
Matt Greenwood

Thanks to:
Ngieng Family
Sean Sansoni
Ryoma Inazato
Richard Moore
Tian Tu
Willem Jakub
Eleanor Toulmin
Bindi Raja
Stuart Thomas
Karen Vincent
Michelle Lim
Yan-Ting Choong
Daniel Marryat
Jie Qi & Chibitronics

Special Thanks to: Hong Yi & Jingyi Tan